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Park View Residential Home,

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01524 415893

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Before taking a decision to move in, we encourage prospective residents to visit with their family or friends and bring lots of questions.

Have a meal with us and speak to other residents and generally get to know how life runs at Park View Residential Home. The initial stay is always a trial period to see if it suits a particular lifestyle and the person thinks they could be happy with us.

We take care of all the daily chores - cooking, cleaning, laundry, maintenance as well as assisting with all personal care.

We can also organise any medical services that are required and can take over the ordering and dispensing of various medicines as required.

We offer the warmth and security of a family atmosphere and will do our best to make everyone happy.


There are 11 bedrooms. All rooms have their own TVs, call points, telephone points, wash hand basins and are decorated very well.

All bedrooms, bathrooms and communal areas are fitted with call bells and there is always sufficient staff on duty to care for our residents.

All our rooms are single rooms but we have some very large ones looking onto the Park, which are also suitable for married couples or friend wish to share.

A smooth transition

We help organise a smooth transition for those choosing to live here and will try to accommodate routines that feel comfortable and as similar to home as possible.

All residents come and go as they wish, get up and go to bed in their own time and generally tell us how they would like to live.

We invite family and friends to join in as much as they choose into the community atmosphere of the Home.

To help residents feel comfortable and settled, we encourage everyone to bring in small items of furniture, pictures, photos and anything to make it feel like home to them.

Our rooms at Park View Residential Home, Morecambe